ATLAL is a new outgrowth of Salumeria Biellese that offers various HALAL products. Our company has featured extraordinary charcuterie, with an eye committed to traditional Italian and Mediterranean products, for over 90 years in New York City. With an emphasis on quality and authenticity through traditional Italian production methods, we have sustained eminent presence with the reputation for some of the most gourmet meats in Manhattan and the greater metropolitan area. Generations have passed through our doors, all maintaining the same family recipe that was brought over from the province Biella, Italy in 1925. With a significant demand for HALAL products, we are dedicated to developing a new line of HALAL sausage and Prosciutto. For these products, we have used the highest quality ingredients from Islamic farms in the Tri-State area. Our products use 100% pasture raised meat, and our goal is to incorporate our family heirloom recipes into the production of HALAL foods. By preparing all natural HALAL ingredients through our authentic northern Italian process, we make a truly unique product that is unmatched in the world of salami. Enjoying our salami and fresh sausage is the best way to reward oneself, with hearty flavors and rich tastes only available through our committed growers and artisan sausage and salami makers.